To see the draft contract, please click on the pdf file below:

draftcontract pdf


If after studying all the available information, plan and data  and you have no further question about the shareholders agreement, then please fill out the spaces below with your data:

We will proceed the following way:

  1. Please fill out the details of our form and press the send button
  2. Our system will automatically insert your details and the authorised person’s signature into the actual contract
  3. You will automatically receive the filled out contract to your email box
  4. You will need to send a scanned and signed copy of the contract back to us by email
  5. You can start your money transfer to the account given in the contract.
  6. As soon as the funds are confirmed on our bank account, we will give you a written confirmation and issue the shareholders certificate that we send you by post.

Important! Receiving the draft contract means no obligation to you.  After reading the contract we are happy to answer any questions you may have.  You will only become sahareholder of the company if the value of your investment has been confirmed on our bank account by our bank.


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