The founder, CFO and majority owner of Benefit Barcode, Inc. is Mr. László Jáger.


Mr. Jáger is one of the most  reciognized and experienced  businessman in Hungary  in discount card manufacturing and distribution as well as in loyalty program management industry.

He has been building different brands since year 2000 such as Euro Discount Club,  PolyCard,  CardDeal, CardSolutions Group and has always been able to adjust the business models behind each brand to the changes and the development of the market.

Under his leadership his companies became market leaders in the industry in Hungary.


In 2016 he received a lot of requests from existing program operators and service providers to go international and benefit from the unique, trademark protected loyalty program – that he and his company has developed – internationally and on a bigger scale.

So Mr. Jáger has spent the last 3 years with international market research , feasibility study and project concept development and came up with a business plan that will

1.  bring new dimensions to the company,

2. millions of satisfied users and program operators,

3.  continuous organic growth of the company

4. that will grow the value of shareholders’ investment 2-20x

Please click to the original business presentation (2016) below for more information.